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This links page was set up in 2002. It is hopefully outdated. Probably there is not a single link working any more. Shows how fast the web changes... I really hope that there are still good Rover P6 websites out there. Because - it's one of the coolest cars of the world!

First of all, see "P6 Gold"...

P6 Gold This great web site covers the Rover P6 in much more detail than my site. In English, by Paul Mabbs (UK).


Rover Clubs all around the world

First on the list are the Rover club links all around the world. This is only a small number of clubs, especially those catering for the P6 series. But these club pages also have much more comprehensive club lists. Please note that especially the web sites of the Rover Club of Sweden and the Rover Saloon Touring Club of America also include a lot of pictures and infos about classic Rover cars in general:

The Rover P6 Driver's Club The newer UK club catering for these cars (UK).
The Rover P6 Owner's Club The biggest UK P6 club, 2.000+ members (UK).
Die Rover-Freunde-IG In German, by Rolf Schröder (Germany).
The Rover Club of Sweden In Swedish and English (Sweden).
The Rover Saloon Touring Club of America Home for Classic Rovers (USA).
The Rover Car Club of Canada This club also runs the big Rovernet mailing list (Canada).
The Toronto Area Rover Club Toronto-based club for classic Rovers (Canada).

Next on my link list are other pages that are not directly associated with clubs and some of these give a world of general or especially P6-related Rover information.

Rovamania The Classic Rover Website, by Reg Mason (UK).
The Hot P6 Web Registry for uprated and modified Rover P6, by Simon Warrick (UK).
The Classic Rover Specialist J.W.Smink In Dutch, by J.W. Smink (NL).
1968 Rover SC2000 Automatic This American Rover P6 is for sale (USA).
Andy's interesting old cars Personal experiences with a P6 3500, by Andy Thomas (UK).
RPI-Engineering Specialists for the Rover V8 (UK). Click here.
Rover 75 Official Website for the new Seventy-Five, only in English, by the Rover Group (UK).

And finally, for those interested in the famous Land Rover and Range Rover series:

Range Rover Complete web site about the definite offroad Rover.
Land Rover An Atlas of Land Rover, Range Rover and Discovery Sites on Infobahn.


Rover Links especially for classic Rover owners

Below are some specialized pages where Rover owners can find all the help that they need, by using the communication techniques of the internet to its best. Also see my Rover club links further above.

Rovers Classic Rover mailing list (Australia). NEW in October 2002
This is a new Mailing list and seems to take of really well, with lively discussions. On-line archives are available. Rover owners all over the world share their technical knowledge as well as discuss all the other items related to classic Rover ownership. The list is unmoderated.

Roverworld The Classic Rover mailing list, created by Reg Mason (UK).
This mailing list has now over 200 members (as of June 2001) that are located in every part of the world. Please note that Roverworld allows sending attachments, which is not possible in most other lists. It's an unmoderated list.

Rovernet Classic Rover mailing list (Canada).
Rovernet was started by Eric Russell under the sponsorship of The Rover Car Club of Canada. This is, to my knowledge, the first Rover mailing list. (No Land or Range Rovers discussed here!) Currently (October 2002), the list is moderated. On-line archives are available.

ruediger-wicke.de P6-Register in Germany by Rudiger Wicke (D)
11/25/2001 A Rover enthusiast in Germany, Rüdiger Wicke, collects everything he can find about the P6. This includes a great database of cars (with chassis/engine numbers, first registration, mileage etc.) all over the world, currently more than 6.000 cars. If you would like to find out about your car's previous history, he might be able to help you. Also, it sometimes happens that cars he knew about are sold somewhere, and probably it is you that you now have such a "lost" car.

Rover P6 bits'n' bobs Rover P6B "Digital Playground" by Andy Thomas (UK).
Also in close relation to Roverworld, this has started, as the author puts it, as "on-line sandbox for batting about ideas and pictures from the Roverworld Mailing List". It is very interesting for Rover P6 owners!

The Rover Saloon Touring Club of America This link goes directly to the page that contains specific info about this club (USA).
About this site: "We invite everyone interested in Rover automobiles to support the RSTCA and participate in its activities. Many more Rover automobiles survive in the United States than even many British car lovers realize. Nearly all Rover models are already represented in our club including Pre-War, P4, P5, P6, SD1, and Sterling models." If you are seriously interested in classic Rovers and are located in the USA visit this site.

Rovas'R'uS Reg Mason's Classic Rover Workshop
And finally a link to Reg's Rover workshop that is specialized in all P6 Rovers as well as Land Rovers. Located in Birmingham, England. Reg also runs the great Rovamania web site (see above)!



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