trip to London and Galway, July 2002
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July 2002, I wented to a friends' wedding in Galway, south of London. Try amazing website! When I definitely knew that I could take the time off and come over to London, it was thankfully too late to take a crappy Ryanair flight.... so I took the 3500 and booked in for a Seacat channel transfer. It was a wonderful weekend and the trip was pure joy (even although I noticed that the British people really don't give a damn about their automotive heritage - not a single person in London would notice the Rover P6 and those that did, tried to look away from it as far as possible).

The Rover P6 is a SMALL car - really - we were four people carrying a weekend's luggage and a few presents for the wedding - and had to mount the spare wheel on the bootlid and still we had to put one bag between the rear seats .... but I must admit I somewhat like the size of the car ;-)

In Galway we saw this wonderful little steam boat.... so quiet and classy.... (please click on all the images for a close-up view) .... on the pic below, this is the Seacat ferry, these tri-body ships were made in Tasmania, Australia.... they have a cruising speed of 65 kph and get you from Dover to Calais (France) in 45 minutes, and from Dover to Ostende (Belgium) in just 2 hours!

If you're in for a trip to the continent, it'll take you about an hour to drive from Calais to Ostende, .... so you should really think about taking the ferry to Ostende.... especially as it'll cost in fact less than the ferry to Calais!

That's the sea promenade in Ostende.... a beautiful Belgian town, I like it very much! From here it was about 3 hours back home to Cologne.... and below... as an old ad said:

"Happiness is on your way - in a Rover." is part of my personal classic cars page

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